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How to accelerate IoT (Internet Of Things) startups NECINA Entrepreneur Works...


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2017-4-6 06:00 PM 至 2017-4-6 09:00 PM 商定
CIC 15th floor KPMG, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA





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How to accelerate IoT (Internet Of Things) startups
NECINA Entrepreneur Workshop (NEW5.0) IoT Session

April 6th 2017 (Thursday), 6:00pm-9:00pm, light dinner will be provided.
6:00 - 7:00pm   Light Dinner & Networking            
7:00 - 8:30pm   Presentations      
8:30 - 9:00pm   IoT Startup Pitches
CIC 15th floor KPMG,
1 Broadway,  Cambridge, MA
Public transportation: Kendall/MIT@Red line
Parking: Street parking availble, or $10 at the event parking (6PM-10PM)
The future of IoT is promising, all predictions are in tens of billions of connected devices and trillions of dollars of economic value to be created. At the other side, after 4-5 years, the dominant feeling of end user is still "promise not delivered" yet. The IoT adoption path seems longer than we expected.
IoT is a new old dream powered by cloud and machine learning. GE's ambitious plan to build the manufacturing 4.0 platform, PTC has invest big in IoT for a couple of years. What is the insights behind these traditional industrial companies betting big on IoT?
In this event, we will focus on startups that are using IoT to resolve real world problems (verticals). We have invited two speakers who are working on IoT platforms (horizontals) to enable these verticals.  By attending you will get the latest development of IoT ecosystems from speakers, and see how these services are used in IoT startups from our startup pitches.
Who should participate:
  • Entrepreneurs that want to build IoT related solutions        
  • IT professionals and technology professionals that would like to learn and collaborate on IoT applications        
  • NECINA NEW5.0 teams (NEW 5.0 is a FREE accelerator program for companies to build and improve their business, and reach out to more audience.)

Ben Tao
Ben Tao is currently Vice President of Corporate Development at PTC. In that role, he works closely with Corporate and Segment business leadership teams in formulating acquisition strategies. He worked on a significant number of M&A transactions, especially in the field of Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Big Data Analytics,  helping transform PTC’s business. Prior to PTC, he worked as a management consultant for six years, advising clients on a broad range of strategic and management challenges across multiple industries such as high tech, retail, chemical, and private equity. Before starting his career as a management consultant, he worked as a technologist for several leading technology companies including Oracle, Microsoft, and Ericsson.
Ben served as NECINA’s president during the 2014-2015 operating year.
Ben received a BS degree in Computer Sciences from Beijing University and an MS degree in Computer Sciences from University of Wisconsin at Madison. He also holds an MBA degree from Babson College.

George Clernon
George Clernon leads the Smart Communities and Venues product development team at Verizon. He works closely with some of the most innovative cities in the US to craft a holistic technological approach to address community needs. In June 2015, he graduated with an MSc from the System Design and Management program at MIT where he spent countless hours exploring the wireless sensor node tradespace within structural health monitoring. Prior to joining Verizon he worked in the semiconductor industry where, most recently, he focused on IoT strategy.
IoT startup pitch - 1: ParenJoy
IoT devices and services to be used for elderly people and toddlers to track their location an
IoT startup pitch - 2: Facility Agriculture
Utilize IoT technologies to provide highly automated monitoring and control of agricultural facilities, to help boosting the value of facility agriculture.
Event Contacts
    Arthur Xu         arthur.xu@necina.org
    Jesse Zhang    jesse.zhang@necina.org
    Tony Tian         tony.tian@necina.org
    Joan Ni            joan.ni@necina.org

Event Sponsors
KPMG, HengTian, CUBIC, Kendall Venture

====== Other upcoming NECINA events ======

Call for startups to join NECINA's startup business plan contest on May 13, 2017.
All the startups from all region are invited. Please see details here:  http://necina.org/content/new-50   
Winners will be selected by judges and will be awarded:

  • Cash prize            
  • Private investor meeintgs            
  • Opportunity to join CUBIC's program and land funding from China            
  • Additional mentoring from Hengtian            
  • Free demo table at NECINA annual conference in June   

Some featured startups in the program:
Giaran Inc. is a hypergrowth venture backed Artificial Intelligence technology startup. It is a Northeastern University spinoff and founded by serial entrepreneurs and world-renowned Artificial Intelligence expert. The company takes the big data mining principles of digital cosmetic visualization and provides real-time augmented reality displays using advanced machine learning and computer vision technologies. Giaran's most current prototype, the "Giaran Mirror," enables users to experience a highly realistic smart real-life makeup try-on for virtual sampling. Its technology is phenomenally capable of providing virtual makeup removal, color matching, light calibration, skin measurement, skin tone recognition, user habits analysis, along with customized interactive tutorials. It may help cosmetic retailers to reduce labor, material and overhead costs, while increasing cross sell/upsell potential by providing consumers a personalized and color-precise makeover.

NeuroMesh is a managed security and intelligence platform for IoT devices. Our solution is a vaccine that will prevent malicious botnets from taking over the vaccinated device. NeuroMesh utilizes blockchain for managed access control and deep learning for security intelligence.

ParenJoy Technology Service Co. is a Beijing based cloud computing service provider emphasizing on delivering low cost IoT platform to various clients. Established in 2015, ParenJoy has built a full platform that can host customer data, provide cloud backend service, setup turn-key mobile solution as well as data analytics to IoT clients and traditional industry customers who want to have immediate professional level IoT implementation. ParenJoy has also developed its own IoT device called Q-Chatter which is available to be purchased in both China and US. It's widely used for elderly people and toddlers to track their location and have direct voice communication. ParenJoy is fully owned by the Boston based company Data Smart Vision, Inc. Contact email: Wukipedia@parenjoy.com

Blink Card
Blink Card is a financial technology company offering financial services to consumers. Blink Card’s first product, the Blink Card –– which will be marketed towards both parents and adolescents –– is a mobile banking platform for families, where children are supplied a debit card backed by a mobile app. Parents are able to monitor their kids' spending, while children can manage their money through a variety of powerful tools.

New England Chinese Information and Networking Association (NECINA) is a non-profit, non-political organization. It was founded in 1996 by a group of network computing industry leaders who recognized the need to advocate cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurship.
Today, NECINA has grown to be one of the premium high tech professional organizations in New England. NECINA has its reach to thousands of people with members covering diverse industries such as software, telecommunications, networking, bioinformatics, venture capital, finance, and law.
For the benefits of becoming a NECINA member, please visit:



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